Students spend a vast deal of time in school. More time than they spend at home as a matter of fact. Teachers are crucial in the growth of every student they handle in class. It is highly important that the teachers set a good example so they can mold their students the right way. They should help the individuals grow academically, mentally and socially. If the teacher has no compassion at all, what do you think will happen to the whole class who looks up to the teacher? Here are some steps on how a teacher can be the best example for his or her students.


  1. Be a good example to your students

The mind of the students is set to look up to their teacher. For them, they are the best example and that they should be replicated. If you want those students to abide by the policies, it should start with you. If they can see that you always bend the rule, they would think it’s alright to the same.

  1. Set the consequences

We can’t avoid the fact that there are students who will test your patience. Students want to check your limit when it comes to the rules. If you show them that they can easily get away with a wrong doing, they will keep on testing the waters and see when you will draw the line. It’s essential for you to set consequences for every broken rule and it should be strictly followed with no exemption.


  1. Compassion

Setting the policies doesn’t mean you have to be stiff and act like a robot. Students open up quickly if they can see compassion in their teachers. You should be approachable enough, so they won’t hesitate to talk to you. Students can easily feel if you don’t have enthusiasm for what you’re doing.

As a teacher, you have to find the balance of being open to the students while making sure that you know when to draw the line.